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Wall Art Ideas for a Farmhouse

From quaint, country design to modern and eclectic kitsch, the farmhouse look is a great aesthetic to incorporate into your home.   We have a wide array of options you can chose from to accentuate your existing decor.   If your home is historic or designed to have a country feel, you can add more classic pieces. More modern spaces will look great accented with some of our fun retro art.



House Styles








House Styles










Jacob Kuch - Vintage Art on Dictionary Paper

dictionary, words, vintage, books,

Colorful Rooster on Vintage Dictionary by Hailey E Herrera Pine Tree,Cedar Tree,Forest,Nature Dictionary Art,Christmas Tree by Anna W Cupcake bite me typography by Madame Memento Alice Morning Tea time by Anna W Vintage Happy Santa Christmas Greetings Festive Holidays Decor New Year Card by Anna W White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Vintage Art by Anna W It's always tea time Mad Hatter Dictionary Art by Anna W

Kitchen Signs

kitchen, signs

Bacon is Always the Secret Ingredient by Nancy Ingersoll Vintage Cheese Label 3 by Debbie DeWitt Primitive Butcher Shop Beef Cuts Chart t-shirt by Edward Fielding Sweet Treat Signs I by Paul Brent Eat Beef by Nancy Ingersoll Yawn for Coffee by Nancy Ingersoll Bacon Makes Me Happy by Nancy Ingersoll

Norman Rockwell

norman rockwell

Do Unto Others by Norman Rockwell Runaway by Norman Rockwell Shiner by Norman Rockwell Sunset by Norman Rockwell Tackled by Norman Rockwell Freedom From Want by Norman Rockwell Bottom Of The Sixth by Norman Rockwell

Kim Fearheiley - Photography

travel, words, typography, mountains, europe, flowers, airplane, beach

Ferris Wheel 2 by Kim Fearheiley Fruit Loop by Kim Fearheiley Old San Juan Puerto Rico by Kim Fearheiley The Swings by Kim Fearheiley Pink Roses  by Kim Fearheiley Arouse by Kim Fearheiley Heart and Soul of New Orleans by Kim Fearheiley

The Simple Life

rural, farm, simple

Three Amigos by John Wyckoff Fearless by John Wyckoff Buick Electra by John Wyckoff Time Long Past by John Wyckoff Family Dairy by John Wyckoff Great Western Malting by John Wyckoff Birch Stand by John Wyckoff

Sarah Yeoman: Crow Paintings

crow, crows

Totem  by Sarah Yeoman 3 Crows by Sarah Yeoman Flight by Sarah Yeoman Totem 3 by Sarah Yeoman Tangled up in blue by Sarah Yeoman Descent by Sarah Yeoman Hierophony and the crow by Sarah Yeoman

Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse, kitchen, house

Froyo Lemon by Debbie DeWitt Farm Fresh Fruit 3 by Debbie DeWitt Retro Veggie Label 2 by Debbie DeWitt Portrait of a Rooster by James W Johnson Farm Fresh Fruit 2 by Debbie DeWitt Vintage Cheese Label 3 by Debbie DeWitt Friesians in Winter by Maggie Rowe

Farm Life Paintings: Rob Moline

farm, farming, rural, village, small town, barns, pop art

Summer on the Farm  by Robin Moline Spring on the Farm by Robin Moline Winter on the Farm by Robin Moline Fall on the Farm  by Robin Moline Winter Wonderland  by Robin Moline Birds Eye View by Robin Moline Harvest Panorama  by Robin Moline

Barn Photography

Barns, farmhouse, farm

Christian School Road Barn by Cricket Hackmann Jemerson Creek Barn by Cricket Hackmann Riverbottom Barn Against the Sky by Cricket Hackmann Rustic White Barn by Cricket Hackmann Clubhouse Road Barn by Cricket Hackmann Missouri Star Quilt Barn by Cricket Hackmann Farmstead at Sunset by Cricket Hackmann

Vertical Landscapes: Phil Koch

landscape, field, prarie, outdoors

Once Upon A Time by Phil Koch There Came a WInd by Phil Koch A New Day by Phil Koch Lambeau Field by Phil Koch Dancing in the Rows by Phil Koch Lifelong Memories by Phil Koch Here Comes the Light by Phil Koch

Country Road

country, road, fence, farm, farmhouse

A Bend in the Road by Jennifer Lommers Cades Cove Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Sparks Lane by Dave Allen Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent van Gogh Friesians in Winter by Maggie Rowe The Fence line by Graham Gercken Star Valley by Chad Dutson Rural Sunrise by Graham Gercken

Animal Watercolors: Juan Bosco


Blue footed boobies by Juan  Bosco Mackerel fishes by Juan  Bosco Silver Teal by Juan  Bosco Elephants herd by Juan  Bosco Blue footed booby by Juan  Bosco Pileated Woodpecker by Juan  Bosco Fox sleeping painting by Juan  Bosco

Autumn Landscape Photography - Parker Cunningham

autumn, harvest, fall, leaves

Sunrise Abstract On Calm Waters by Parker Cunningham Landing by Parker Cunningham Colors In Early Morning Fog by Parker Cunningham Setting Sun by Parker Cunningham Spring Path by Parker Cunningham Incredible Colors by Parker Cunningham Path to the Fairies by Parker Cunningham